Sheherryar Javaid

Sheherryar Javaid

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First Name * Sheherryar
Last Name * Javaid
Username * Gangstashers
Country * United Kingdom
City East London


Availability: student


My name is Sheherryar Javaid, im 18 years old.

I'm born in Holland and i lived there almost my whole life till i turned 17.

It all began when i was 11 years old and touched the first Videocamera ever, because my dad bought a new camera he gave me the old one, i started making little movies with my friends without knowing what i was actuly doing. So my dad asked me ''Do you know what you're doing? Your directing a movie.'' It was then that i fell in love with movie making and started to have this dream to become a Hollywood Film Director. My favorite director is M.Night Shyamalan his movies has inspired me alot, and actuly are my motivation to pursue my goal.

So one day i was making a little movie and i realized that its realy boring without any explosions or planecrashes or any special effects. It was then that i learned the great art of 3D and Visual effects programs like Adobe After Effects. I realy fell in love with 3D that i wanted to go into the industry as a profesional CG artist.

Because i know that aiming directly to become a film director is to much i saw it this way, its like a bunch of stairs, you cant jump from the first stair to the top stair, you have to go stair by stair... and thats what im doing. Im currenlty aiming to become a Pro CG artist for the movie industry.

Because of the lack of good schools in the film field in Holland i moved from Amsterdam to London to live with my dad to attend a private school ''Escape Studio''. And thats where im currenlty atending at the moment.

Well erhm that was it about me.... so erhm.... ok.. bye?

Hope it was intresting (not) lol.




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